What is an Area Assembly?

The Area Assembly is a meeting of General Service Representatives (GSRs) and committee members to discuss Area affairs and to elect officers and a delegate to the General Service Conference, held in New York City.

May anyone attend the Area Assembly?

All members of A.A. are encouraged to participate in the workshops and sharing sessions of the Area Assembly.

Where and when is the Assembly?

Area 38 Assemblies are held four times a year, specifically, in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The location rotates across the state. Dates for upcoming assemblies are available in the right column of this page and on the event calendar.

Who is eligible to vote during Area Assemblies?

Voting members are as follows: the Area Committee members or their alternates; all GSRs or their alternates; the Delegate; the Alternate Delegate; the Area Chairperson; and, the Alternate Area Chairperson.

What is Third Legacy Procedure?

It is a special type of electoral procedure that A.A. uses to elect delegates. Eligible candidates are voted on by GSRs and members of the Area Committee. The first candidate to get two thirds of the vote, tallied on the blackboard, is elected. Anyone with less than one fifth of the total is withdrawn, except the top two candidates. After the third ballot, anyone with less than one third of the total votes is withdrawn. After the fourth ballot, if no candidate has two thirds of the total votes, the Chairperson asks for a show of hands to determine if a fifth ballot will be taken. If the motion for a fifth ballot is defeated, the remaining names are placed in a hat and the first name drawn out of the hat becomes our Delegate. A more detailed description of "Third Legacy Procedure" can be found on page S20 of The A.A. Service Manual.

Summary of Assembly Actions

Summer 2018 Summary

Spring 2018 Summary