Area 38 (Eastern Area of Missouri, or EAMO) is comprised of 25 A.A. districts and makes up of the eastern half of the geographical division of the service structure of A.A. in the state of Missouri. 

Who serves on the area committee?

According to Chapter Five of The A.A. Service Manual, the area committee is composed of all DCMs, elected area officers (which includes the the delegate and alternate delegate) and chairs of the area service committees.

Current Area Officers
Delegate: Ian S,

Provides leadership to the Area by involvement in Area functions to the fullest extent possible, and by keeping an open line of communication between the General Service Office (G.S.O.) and the groups. Distributes conference agenda items to groups for their discussion and input. Carries our Area’s collective conscience to the General Service Conference in April of each year. Returns from the conference and reports back to the districts.

For a complete listing of Delegate’s duties, please refer to the A.A. Service Manual , Chapter 6 .

Alternate Delegate: Gene M,

Receives all correspondence from the General Service Office on the Conference that is sent to the Delegate so he/she can be informed in the event it becomes necessary to assume the Delegate’s duties. Coordinates with the Delegate on Area issues. Is available to chair or work on special projects as needed or requested by the Area.

Chairperson: Jim F,

Assumes a leadership role within the Area by organizing, setting the agenda for, and chairing quarterly area assemblies. Keeps Alternate Chairperson informed. Receives District minutes and corresponds with the Districts regarding their problems and concerns. A further description of duties is outlined in the A.A. Service Manual .

Alternate Chairperson: George J,

Communicates with the Chairperson on information pertinent to the Area. Acts as liaison between the Area committee and the host committee for the area assembly. Participates in the planning of the Assembly agenda.

Treasurer: Josh C,

Is the guardian of Tradition Seven. Informs the Area of financial matters. Has the ability to project increased costs of the Area, what is possible as far as future spending, and cost comparisons with past spending. Surveys and points out all money-related issues as they arise. The Treasurer coordinates with the Alternate Treasurer.

Assistant Treasurer: Mike P,

Coordinates with the Treasurer in encouraging contributions at the group level. Keeps abreast of the financial needs of the Area and the financial problems of the groups. Is available to participate in service functions to discuss our Seventh Tradition and to provide information on Area finances.

Area Secretary: Jim H,

Assists Area Chairperson in preparing agendas and meeting notices of Area meetings and distributes to the committee. Attends area assemblies and records the proceedings for the minutes, using notes, audio tapes, and written reports. Prints and mails minutes to the D.C.M.s, Area Officers, Committee Chairpersons and others on the mailing list.

Area Registrar: Laura S,

The registrar position is to help facilitate communication between groups, Area Committee and the General Service Office by maintaining an accurate roster of all G.S.R.s and Area Committee members.