Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous Area 38

The Eastern Area of Missouri (EAMO)

Corrections Committee

This committee is concerned with the alcoholic "behind the walls," whether in a long- or short-term institution.

Corrections Materials:

Are you available to help with carrying the message behind the walls? Please click here.

Are you available to help with corrections correspondence? Please click here.

Map of institutions in Area 38.

The video "It sure beats sitting in a cell" may be borrowed from this committee for group or special event viewing - Contact the area chairperson for more information

Order Corrections Literature at a bulk discount with this form.

To Get Involved Contact:

Call the Eastern Area Office: 314-644-1130,  email corrections@eamo.org, or locate and attend your district meeting by using the home page map.

Current Activities Include:

Taking meetings into state and county corrections facilities

Distributing literature to jails where no meetings are held

Cooperating with probation and parole to provide open meetings for court sentenced individuals

Help is Needed!

Speakers are needed to go into the institutions all over EAMO. Please help to carry the message to the ones inside that cannot have a meeting unless we show up. If you are available please email: corrections@eamo.org Thank you!!

Groups Can...

Participate as a group in corrections correspondence

Write to: Correctional Facilities Desk, GSO, BOX 459 Grand Central Station, NY NY 10163

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