This committee's mission is to carry A.A.'s message of recovery to those who are incarcerated. Members can get involved in the following ways:

Volunteer to facilitate inside meetings

AA members take meetings into State, County and City detention facilities. To view the service opportunities that are available in your area view our institutions meeting list.

Two years of continuous sobriety is necessary for most volunteers.  Other requirements vary between the State and County/City facilities. The current AA volunteers at each location can guide you through that process.

Help provide literature to inside groups

Inside meetings can use paperback AA / Grapevine literature including the Grapevine magazine. Some facilities even allow inside members to take material back to their residential units. Many of our rural areas have a high demand for literature, with smaller budgets to cover those needs. If your district or group can help provide literature contact us at

Participate in Corrections Correspondence

This program enables any AA member – you don’t have to be a current volunteer – to correspond with inside members; many of whom do not have access to inside meetings. The General Service Office (GSO) coordinates this program. Click here for more information on Corrections Correspondence. A form is accessible that can then be mailed, faxed or emailed to GSO. You will be matched with an inside
member at least two states away.

Support a Probation or Parole meeting

Corrections volunteers facilitate informational A.A. meetings at many Probation/Parole offices and there are no pre-clearance requirements. To get involved contact

Volunteer for Bridging the Gap

Part of this separate committee’s function is to work with inside members who are scheduled for release and want AA as a part of their transition back into society. Visit the Bridging the Gap page to learn about that committee’s work.