You might have patients, clients, employees, students, or members of your congregation who may have a drinking problem. We understand that you want to gather information about AA before you refer that person to an AA meeting for help.

You may be part of an organization or group that comes in contact regularly with those suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous has many AA members and service committees who are available to provide professionals with information about Alcoholics Anonymous: what we do, what we don't do, how to find an AA meeting . . .

To request a presentation or exhibit at your association or group meeting, email the Area Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Chair ( who would be happy to assist you. Some examples of what the CPC Chair can provide are listed below:
  • Mail you information about Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Mail you local meeting schedules.
  • Take you to an open AA meeting so you can see for yourself what it is.
  • Provide you with AA members who would be happy to accompany your patients/clients/etc to their first AA meeting.
  • Arrange for AA members to present an overview of AA to you or your staff.

There is no charge for any of these services; as part of our tradition of being self-supporting, AA does not accept outside contributions. AA members volunteer for these activities because service to others aids our recovery from alcoholism.

You could also contact our General Service Office in New York at 212-870-3400 or at this address:

Alcoholics Anonymous
PO Box 459, Grand Central Station
New York, New York 10163

We would be happy to hear from you!