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Workshop Committee

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Eastern Area 38 of Missouri is starting a new workshop program and each district as well as every group in Eastern Area 38 of Missouri is welcome and encouraged to be a part of it.

  • What topic needs to be presented in your District or Home Group?
  • What area of the program do you want or need to learn about?


Below is a list of a few Workshop topics, if you have another topic just let us know and we will put it together.

  • Each EAMO District will be allowed 2 Area Sponsored Workshops a year
  • Each EAMO Registered Group will be allowed 1 Area Sponsored Workshop a year.


Provide the following information to the Alternate Area Chair:

  • Two dates that are approved by your Group Conscience or by the GSR’s at the District Meeting for the Area Committee on Workshops to pick from.
  • Saturday and Sundays early afternoon start times work best.
  • We would like the District or Group to have food to help bring people in :-)
  • Pick a topic from the list we have provided below, these are only suggestions, your District or Group  may have topics they need discussed.


Eastern Area of Missouri 38 will find 2 presenters that have experience on the topic (we will work toward the fact that at least one of the presenters has workshop presenting experience) – or Area 38 will find 1and ask the presenter to find someone to assist.

  • Area 38 will than distribute the information to the District or Group and basically at the point, turn it over to the District, Group and presenter.
  • Area 38 will post the workshop on the eamo.org website and we will do a final report on the workshop, material used and any other information to the website.


Possible Topics:

  • Apathy in AA
  • Safety & Respect in AA – (Dealing with Financial, Spiritual, & Sexual safety)
  • Internet & Social Media in AA
  • How To Chair a Meeting
  • Group Inventory
  • District Inventory
  • Service Outside the Home Group
  • Sponsorship
  • Three Legacy Sponsorship
  • 12 Concepts
  • 12 Traditions
  • Trusted Servants
  • Traditions
  • Concepts
  • Service & Service Positions

See scheduled workshops here.

To Get Involved Contact:

George J., Area Alternate Chair



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