See scheduled workshops here.

Eastern Area 38 of Missouri is starting a new workshop program and each district as well as every group in Eastern Area 38 of Missouri is welcome and encouraged to be a part of it.

  • What topic needs to be presented in your district or home group?
  • What area of the program do you want or need to learn about?

Below is a list of a few Workshop topics, if you have another topic just let us know and we will put it together.

  • Each EAMO District will be allowed 2 Area Sponsored Workshops a year.
  • Each EAMO Registered Group will be allowed 1 Area Sponsored Workshop a year.

Provide the following information to the Alternate Area Chair:

  • Two dates that are approved by your Group Conscience or by the G.S.R.’s at the District Meeting for the Area Committee on Workshops to pick from.
  • Saturday and Sundays early afternoon start times work best.
  • We would like the District or Group to have food to help bring people in.
  • Pick a topic from the list we have provided below, these are only suggestions, your District or Group may have topics they need to be discussed.

Eastern Area of Missouri 38 will find 2 presenters that have experience on the topic (we will work toward the fact that at least one of the presenters has workshop presenting experience) – or Area 38 will find one and ask the presenter to find someone to assist.

  • Area 38 will then distribute the information to the district or group and basically at the point, turn it over to the district, group, and presenter.
  • Area 38 will post the workshop on the website and we will do a final report on the workshop, material used and any other information to the website.

Possible Topics:

  • Apathy in A.A.
  • Safety & Respect in A.A. (Dealing with Financial, Spiritual, & Sexual Safety)
  • Internet & Social Media in A.A.
  • How To Chair a Meeting
  • Group Inventory
  • District Inventory
  • Service Outside the Home Group
  • Sponsorship
  • Three Legacy Sponsorship
  • 12 Concepts
  • 12 Traditions
  • Trusted Servants
  • Traditions
  • Concepts
  • Service & Service Positions

See scheduled workshops here.

To get involved contact:

Area Alternate Chair