About the Website

The eamo.org website is a 24-hour ready source of information and is one important way we service workers may communicate between Assemblies. The website is kept up-to-date by the Area Webmaster and designated members of the Area Technology Committee, using information received from Area Officers. The space on the website available for use by the districts and committees, due to its nature, can only be updated upon the direction of a district committee member (DCM) or standing committee chairperson.


What can be posted on the eamo.org website?

The only restriction on website content is that content must be consistent with the purpose of the website. Here are just a few examples of ways in which districts and committees may use the website:

  • If a district or committee already has a separate website, the content of that website may easily be copied or linked to from eamo.org
  • Districts may post minutes from their district meetings
  • Committees may post minutes from their meetings
  • Forms or documents, which a district or committee uses amongst its members or in its outside communication, may be made available for viewing and download from the website in adobe format.
  • Events and news of the Area, Districts and Committees may be posted.
How is information submitted for posting on eamo.org?

Event submissions can be entered online via the submit event form. Other submissions should be made via email to webmaster@eamo.org. Please include the sender’s contact information in the email itself, in case we have questions, and attach the text you would like posted to the email in Word, Text or html format, as well as any other files (pictures, icons, etc.) you wish to be posted. Please do not hesitate to contact the Area Webmaster with any questions about the submission process. The turnaround time is usually brief. Submissions are reviewed prior to posting to be sure they are consistent with the purpose of the website. Submissions which do not vary substantially from existing website content do not require approval by the Website Committee, which adds time to the process. The majority of submissions are posted onto the website within two business days.

Contact Information:

Paul E., Area Webmaster


Website Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this site is to support our Area service workers and to encourage participation in the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Technology Resources:

Area Technology Committee

12 Statements of Technology

Technology in AA Online Forum

Online Intergroup

National AA Technology Workshop (NAATW)